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3 Ways to Cook Your Seafood Deliciously

Shrimps cooked deliciously | BGZ Food | Food Products Supplier | Seafood Supplier Manila
Shrimps cooked deliciously in a pan

Seafoods can be found in different parts of the Philippines, and most Filipinos love this type of food, some are picky about food especially when it comes to different types of seafood and have different preferences when it comes to the taste and smell of seafood.

Today, seafood preparation and cooking affect how a quality type of seafood dish. The goal for a deliciously cooked seafood is to make sure that it has an enticing aroma and never forget, it’s delicious taste.

We know that some people do not have that kitchen skills to cook deliciously and might find it hard to perfect a good seafood dish, so we curate some top popular ways for you on how to cook your seafood even more deliciously: 1. The Pan-fried Seafood

This method is really amazing because just by frying different types of seafood you can taste search, with just a drizzle of olive oil, you can make the seafood tasty and sumptuous. Just remember that you need to choose what seafood to cook like octopus, fish or shrimp.

2. Baked Seafood

This is another method to make your cooking of various seafood more deliciously. Baked Seafood is where the selected seafood is placed in the oven to heat first and after then salt will be added to it.

Also, we recommend to choose white fish such as salmon, tilapia or trout. When a few minutes have passed and the fish aroma can be smelled, all that is needed is to rub the fish with a marinade. Just make sure your oven is preheated because it will be put back after being marinated.

You can also add ingredients to the said seafood. Place more vegetables to the pan if necessary and let it cook for a few minutes. Never forget that the seafood should be washed well so as not to cause bacterias in the seafood mixture.

3. Broiling

This is another great option to cook your seafood dishes. All you need is a broiler to cook the seafood like shrimp, scallop, salmon and tuna steak into perfection, along with that crisp and desirable crunch, derived from cooking in the said kind of equipment.

Do not forget the traditional seafood flavouring tips that involve the mixing of flavours like chilli peppers, garlic powder, onion, salt, pepper and other seasoning ingredients.

Most Filipinos love and enjoy this kind of cooking method when it comes to seafood. A few tools and ingredients are used to make seafood more delicious here in the Philippines. You can also make it spicy if you want.

Furthermore, it means you can try as many seafood dishes as you like and then you can find out which cooking method you prefer. The tips mentioned are commonly practiced in different seafood restaurants or even in one's household kitchen.

To sum up, the deliciousness of a seafood or any food product in every cuisine and how it is designed to be appealing to people's eyes varies. It is not just about what ingredients you use in cooking, but also the equipment you used, the cooking methods done, and definitely not the least, the heart and passion you put into the preparation of the food.

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