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How to Improve Your Relationship with Food During the Coronavirus Outbreak

In the Philippines, we are now living difficult times more than ever because of the coronavirus pandemic. These new and evolving challenges can affect us both our physical and emotional health.

We understand that it's quite hard to keep the same pattern of consuming good food when you have to socially distance yourself from others, especially with the Coronavirus outbreak. That makes relationships with food a special challenge.

What is a healthy relationship with food?

A Senior Therapist describes a healthy relationship with food as being able to eat when you're hungry and stop when you've had enough. Eating real food, and being able to enjoy it without any negative self-judgement or any overthinking.

Going back to the basic

In order to begin to 'reset' our relationship with food, therapists and food experts recommend that we first acknowledge when - and importantly why - we eat when we do. "It’s useful to run a food and mood diary for a couple of weeks," they say.

Finding the why

In order to keep a good relation with food during quarantine, it’s truly important that you understand the underlying question of why you need to eat a certain food while feeling a connected emotion to it. For example, you should be able to identify the times when you reach for comfort food - the feel good hit of sugar when you’re feeling down, or the crisps we chomp in the evening because you’re bored.

Embrace the healing process

Some people may benefit from speaking with a dietitian who can work with them to develop a meal plan which suits their lifestyle and needs. But, if you think that it’s not still working for you you have to accept and embrace the healing process for you to get back on track with the healthy eating pattern

Understand yourself and why you eat

Understanding your own eating and emotional patterns on why you eat is the most important part of learning to develop a healthier relationship with food. However, as with many emotional issues out there, constant learning about ourselves is just part of the process to developing a healthier relationship with food. Keep in mind, that it's OK to enjoy food and eat for reasons other than hunger at times.

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