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Your Guide to Meal Prep During the Covid-19 Lockdown

During quarantine, most of us want to limit our time inside the grocery store. One of the basic and efficient ways is to go to the grocery with a prepared shopping list so you know exactly what you need and where to find it. However, it’s just as important to have backup items in mind and be willing to try alternatives because not every item may be in stock. To guide you even more on prepping up your meals during Covid-19 Lockdown, here are some things to keep in mind. Consider healthy canned alternatives when fresh produce is not available

Fresh produce is always the better option if it is a no-brainer, but when these are not available there are plenty of healthy alternatives that are easy to store and prepare. For example, canned beans and chickpeas, which provide an abundance of nutrients, can be stored for months or even years.

Additionally, canned oily fish such as sardines, mackerel and salmon are rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and a range of vitamins and minerals. These can be used cold in sandwiches, salads or pasta dishes, or cooked as part of a warm meal.

Always have some fruit and vegetable intake

Buying, storing and cooking fresh vegetables can be very challenging especially during lockdown. But when possible, it’s important to ensure that the family are still getting plenty of fruit and vegetables in their everyday diet. If it’s possible to get hold of fresh produce, do so.

Using fresh vegetables to cook large batches of soups, stews or other dishes will make them last longer and provide meal options for a few days. These can also be stocked in the freezer as well and then can be quickly reheated.

Make cooking and eating a fun and meaningful part of your family routine

When you and your family are stuck at home, this is the best way to cook and eat together. It is a great way to create healthy routines, strengthen family bonds and have fun. When it’s possible, make sure to involve your children in food preparation. Try as much as possible to stick to fixed mealtimes as a family. Such structures and routines can help reduce anxiety for children and other members of family in these stressful situations.

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